10 Best College Orchestras in the USA

People are not the same in terms of their taste of music. There are those who love orchestra music and seeing an orchestra’s performance never fails to amaze them. In college, it is awesome to know that there are students who are talented enough to join and form the college orchestras.
Throughout history, different colleges have produced a lot of successful groups and individuals that placed their names in the books of orchestral fame. If their forte is into orchestral music, then their college life is busy as a bee. Nevertheless, the school must come first above all. Aside from the usual orchestra routines, the students also need to make sure that their assignments are accomplished.
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Top College Orchestras in the USA

1. St. Olaf Orchestra (St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota)
This college orchestra has been an icon and beacon of other groups for the past 100 years. They are the most requested to play in some of the biggest celebrations in higher places. The talent that they have is phenomenal as each member plays a crucial role and the rigorous practice is their ground for quality output. The group was founded in 1902 and has kept going strong since then.
2. Princeton University Orchestra (PUO)
They are considered to be at the top of the list. This group has been founded in 1896 by some of the members of the New York Symphony who were well-talented musicians. The music has a big impact on their institution and students are being influenced by its good benefit.
3. Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra
This group has gained a lot of awards around the United States. They perform at their best in every event and even those who do not know this kind of music become their instant fans. They had been orchestrated since 1989.
4. USC Thornton Symphony
This University of California group has some of the best-talented students when it comes to music. The group has collaborated with some of the well-known conductors and their students keep practicing in order to get better.
5. Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra
The college undergraduate of Illinois State University has been recognized and received the 3rd ranking in the American Prize. Aside from the long year of academic business, this group never backs down on any tours around the country.
6. Ithaca College Symphony Orchestra
The orchestra is composed of stunning almost a hundred members and all are talented with their individual skills. The number of professional conductors and event performances led this group to seal their name in the records and forever be known in this industry.

Madeline Schatz, Music Director and Conductor
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