When a handful of musicians and I got together in 2004 and brainstormed about the possibility of forming an orchestra on this island that would perform classical orchestral repertoire as a freestanding ensemble, we did not even dream that our small discussion would turn into such a magnificent project. The Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra exists because of the cooperative support of so many varying groups of people.
The Board of the Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestral Society

Lisa Chu-Thielbar, President
Joanne Turner Vice President
Johanna Tilbury, Secretary
George Winchell, Treasurer
Sonia Scadden
Dr. Alex Walter
Scott Elliott

I learned a long time ago that a conductor can climb onto a podium and wave her baton all she wants but, still, no music will be created without the presence of the most important aspect of the orchestra: the musicians who play the instruments. I am so deeply grateful to the musicians who have volunteered their services during these formative years. They are truly the voice of the orchestra. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

As a professional performing musician I also know that it is a great deal more fun to perform to a full house than to an empty one. The gratitude, here, goes to you our audience for your enthusiastic support of our concerts. I am so moved by the fact that you have provided packed houses for us at each concert. We strive to maintain your enjoyment of the concerts. Our thanks go, too, to wonderful Kahilu Theatre. What would we do without it?

If you are interested in donating financially or physically to our endeavors please contact us at [email protected] . Our organization is designated 501(c)3 by the IRS so any donations may be tax deductible.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy the exquisite music we will be performing for you this season. We present it with great love. We're glad you are here and welcome you to this season of the Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra Society. Our loyal audiences and performers have fulfilled a need for, and perpetuated a growing love of, classical music on the Big Island. Thank you all.
Madeline Schatz, Music Director and Conductor
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