Saffron has become the arts community and cultural hub of Waimea.  With our several beautiful private dining rooms for dinners and special events, we host many of the local enterprises and institutions.  Saffron is also one the biggest supporters of the arts in Hawaii and hosts many benefits for our wonderful community.

Sustainability is a watchword in Hawaii, and we take local farming, ranching, fishing, and gardening very seriously.  So seriously in fact that healthy and organically grown food is the only kind we like to serve.  We will do whatever it takes to showcase our local organic ingredients in our delicious entrees cooked to perfection.  

On this page we will share some information and links to websites for our community, local entities, and institutions of interest so that you can begin to get an understanding of what it's like to live among the beautiful foothills of Waimea. 






Here is a link to the history of Waimea:


Right now we're joining the fight
to keep Coqui Frogs out of Waimea

Call 995-FROG to report Coqui frogs in Waimea.